Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

15 07, 2023

Google Chrome Flex – The operating system for older PCs

2023-07-15T06:42:16+02:00By |Categories: Google, Hardware, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

Google Chrome Flex is an innovative solution that modernizes outdated computers. It's an operating system that can be installed on almost any PC or Mac and offers easy administration, fast deployment and strong security.

5 05, 2023

Android Smartphone without tracking – Is that possible?

2023-06-04T09:25:33+02:00By |Categories: Android / iOS, Data Protection, Google, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

Android with an active Chrome browser sends the location to Google in the background a whopping 340 times a day without users interacting with the device.

20 04, 2021

Edit Windows context menu – remove entries – add entries

2023-06-03T10:57:13+02:00By |Categories: Uncategorized, Homeoffice, Microsoft Office, Shorts & Tutorials, Software, Windows 10/11/12|Tags: , , |

The Windows context menu is extremely useful for quickly performing tasks related to the current selection. But on the other hand, it can quickly become confusing.

16 09, 2020

These Smartphones get the update to Android 11

2023-06-03T11:07:15+02:00By |Categories: Shorts & Tutorials, Android / iOS, Google, Software, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

After Android 10 "Q", the latest version of Android 11 is in the starting blocks as the successor and brings some improvements with it. You can find out whether your device gets the update in our list.


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