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18 02, 2024

Alexa Plus – paid model with AI support comes

2024-02-18T06:20:40+01:00By |Categories: Amazon, Artificial intelligence, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , |

Amazon launches “Alexa Plus,” an AI-based version of its voice assistant. In addition to the classic Alexa, Alexa Plus is presented as a premium offering that is being revised to improve response quality. The launch is scheduled for June 30, 2024, with uncertain costs for users.

1 02, 2024

Integrate and use ChatGPT in Excel – is that possible?

2024-02-02T06:08:09+01:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , , |

ChatGPT is more than just a simple chatbot. Learn how it can revolutionize how you work with Excel by translating formulas, creating VBA macros, and even promising future integration with Office.

5 01, 2024

A turning point in EU policy on regulating AI

2024-01-25T06:51:27+01:00By |Categories: Data Protection, Google, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , |

The EU's AI Act represents a historic step forward in the regulation of artificial intelligence. With strict guidelines for high-risk applications, it paves the way for safe and responsible AI innovation on a global scale.

8 11, 2023

From Rolls of Parchment to Petabytes – History of Storage Media

2023-11-17T08:08:24+01:00By |Categories: Hardware, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , |

The history of storage media is a fascinating journey through millennia of human ingenuity. It begins with simple writing boards and is currently ending in the limitless world of cloud technology. But the end is far from reached!



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