Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

30 09, 2023

Windows too slow? – Tuning tips for Windows 10/11

2023-09-30T07:08:32+02:00By |Categories: Shorts & Tutorials, Software, Windows 10/11/12|Tags: , , |

In this article, we offer you a series of optimization tips to boost Windows 10 and Windows 11 performance. From system maintenance to hardware upgrades, learn how to make your system faster and more efficient.

22 07, 2023

Microsoft 365 Copilot will chargeable!

2023-07-23T08:10:16+02:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

Microsoft's AI module, 365 Copilot, is now being paid for. For $30 a month, Copilot offers a wide range of capabilities, including analyzing content from emails, Teams meetings, calendars, and documents to create useful summaries and to-do lists.

20 07, 2023

New iPhone batteries – more power and shorter charging times

2023-07-21T05:27:01+02:00By |Categories: Android / iOS, Hardware, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

The next generation of iPhone batteries could represent a revolution in terms of performance, cooling and charging speed. With stacked cells and increased capacity, Apple promises a significant improvement in battery performance.

17 07, 2023

Apple ‘Tap to Pay’ now also available in Europe

2023-07-18T11:18:08+02:00By |Categories: Android / iOS, Internet, Finance & Shopping, Mac OS, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , |

Apple Tap to Pay, the innovative feature that makes it possible to accept contactless payments directly from iPhone, is coming to Europe. This development could revolutionize the digital payments landscape and bring benefits to both consumers and merchants.

15 07, 2023

Google Chrome Flex – The operating system for older PCs

2023-07-15T06:42:16+02:00By |Categories: Google, Hardware, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

Google Chrome Flex is an innovative solution that modernizes outdated computers. It's an operating system that can be installed on almost any PC or Mac and offers easy administration, fast deployment and strong security.



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