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16 09, 2020

These Smartphones get the update to Android 11

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After Android 10 "Q", the latest version of Android 11 is in the starting blocks as the successor and brings some improvements with it. You can find out whether your device gets the update in our list.

6 12, 2019

Newsletters and mass mailings will be banned in WhatsApp in the future

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WhatsApp has had a new rule since December 7, 2019 that prohibits newsletters and other mass mailing in the fight against fake news.

11 12, 2018

When is a mobile phone insurance worthwhile – With calculator

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Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, but also more expensive. We clarify with reference calculator if a mobile phone insurance is worthwhile.

11 11, 2018

Therefore, you should use an antivirus program for your smartphone

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Therefore, antivirus protection against viruses, Trojans & Co. on mobile devices makes sense.



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