29 03, 2023

Is it worth switching to Windows 11 – the most important differences

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Nutzen Sie noch Windows 10, oder sogar noch Windows 8 und haben sich schon mal Gedanken gemacht nicht doch zu Windows 11 zu wechseln? Wir versuchen eine kleine Entscheidungshilfe zu geben.

25 03, 2023

This is how the E-Prescription works – Smartphone Requirements

2023-03-27T15:31:24+02:00By |Categories: Data Protection, Short News, Uncategorized|Tags: , , |

Digitization in the healthcare system is taking the next step with the e-prescription. In this article we would like to shed light on the most important information on how the e-prescription works and what patients have to consider.

22 03, 2023

What Can’t Chat GPT Do? – Will humans become obsolete?

2023-03-27T15:50:40+02:00By |Categories: Data Protection, Internet, Finance & Shopping, Product Tests, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

ChatGPT seems to be the new revolution in artificial intelligence development. But can the AI really answer everything? What Can't ChatGPT Do?

21 03, 2023

Book a Room in Outlook – Resources and Participants

2023-03-27T15:58:03+02:00By |Categories: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Short News, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

If you work in a company where there are several teams but only a limited number of rooms for team meetings, planning the available resources is important.



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