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Word business letter template 2023 – DIN 5008

UVP: Original price was: 14,95 €.Current price is: 10,95 €.

Our DIN 5008-compliant Word business letter template with international orientation sets new standards in terms of convenience and time savings. Unlike traditional templates on the web, our template offers ActiveX controls that save you time-consuming layout customization.

  • The template contains form fields for references, salutation, letter text, greetings and much more. You can simply insert your signature as an image with a mouse click. Filling out the form fields is child’s play and allows you to write business letters quickly and easily.
  • The fixed distances between the fields ensure that nothing moves unintentionally and your layout always remains perfect. Even without being a Word expert, you can use our template to create professional business letters.

Make your everyday life easier and save valuable time with our Word business letter template.
You don’t have to be a Word professional to be able to work properly with our letter template!

  • All fonts, font sizes and colors are fully editable. Immediately available as a digital download (when paying via PayPal or Klarna).

Tip: You can also get this template at a reduced price in our Business Bundle (no VAT), as also the3 in 1 | Business Bundle in different variants, and with over 40 possible combinations.

available in 10 design variants:
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more product pictures:
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Offer price for: 14.95€ only 10.95€

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You will receive your download which includes detailed PDF instructions and the Word business letter template 2023 – DIN 5008.

After the first adjustment, the template can be easily integrated into your system for later quick access.
(Step by step instructions are included)

For full functionality you need a Office version from 2010 for Windows

We also recommend the following software:


  • Freely editable business letter template DIN 5008
  • Scalable field for company logo.
  • incl. additional sender field on the right.
  • incl. Sender line above recipient field for envelopes with viewing window.
  • incl. Date drop-down selection.
  • incl. Drop-down selection with international forms of address.
  • incl. Drop-down selection with international greetings.
  • Easiest operation with controls and form fields.
  • All colors of design elements can be easily changed.
  • Optimized for window envelopes.
  • incl. Quick guide to customization and use.

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