15 06, 2022

Firefox Total Cookie Protection becomes the default

2022-08-04T07:15:24+02:00By |Categories: Data Protection, Google, Internet, Finance & Shopping, Short News, Uncategorized|Tags: , |

With Total Cookie Protection, Firefox has declared war on third-party cookies. What does this step mean for website operators, advertisers and users? We illuminate the most important questions.

16 05, 2022

Show and remove duplicate entries in Excel | Tutorial

2022-08-04T08:57:52+02:00By |Categories: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Short News, Uncategorized|Tags: , , |

We explain how to remove duplicate entries from Excel. And also how you can only display duplicate entries in Excel but not delete them immediately in order to decide on a case-by-case basis.

6 09, 2021

YouTube advertising is also possible for private videos without consent

2022-08-04T14:58:58+02:00By |Categories: Short News, Google|Tags: , |

And on YouTube, too, users have had to get used to more and more advertising over time. But in the future it could get even more dramatic, and maybe get more people to subscribe to YouTube Premium.



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