20 08, 2023

Internet Addiction – A serious look at a growing problem

2023-08-20T10:28:38+02:00By |Categories: Google, Homeoffice, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , |

Internet addiction is just as serious an illness as alcohol or drug addiction. Just that this is a mental illness. In this article we want to go into the phenomenon in more detail and provide assistance.

15 07, 2023

Google Chrome Flex – The operating system for older PCs

2023-07-15T06:42:16+02:00By |Categories: Google, Hardware, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

Google Chrome Flex is an innovative solution that modernizes outdated computers. It's an operating system that can be installed on almost any PC or Mac and offers easy administration, fast deployment and strong security.



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