Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

10 08, 2023

Show WiFi password: For Windows, Android, iOS and Mac

2023-08-10T18:50:09+02:00By |Categories: Android / iOS, Data Protection, Mac OS, Shorts & Tutorials, Uncategorized, Windows 10/11/12|Tags: , , , , |

This article provides detailed instructions on how to extract WiFi passwords on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Whether you've forgotten your own password or need access to a legitimate network, these guides will help.

5 05, 2023

Android Smartphone without tracking – Is that possible?

2023-06-04T09:25:33+02:00By |Categories: Android / iOS, Data Protection, Google, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

Android with an active Chrome browser sends the location to Google in the background a whopping 340 times a day without users interacting with the device.

11 12, 2021

When is a smartphone insurance worthwhile – With calculator

2023-06-03T16:17:10+02:00By |Categories: Android / iOS, Internet, Finance & Shopping, Product Tests, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, but also more expensive. We clarify with reference calculator if a mobile phone insurance is worthwhile.



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