25 07, 2023

The Transformation of Twitter to X – A New Era

2023-07-25T16:55:54+02:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, Shorts & Tutorials, TruthGPT, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

Twitter, the world-renowned social media platform, has undergone a radical transformation. Under Elon Musk's leadership, Twitter was renamed 'X', marking a significant step in the platform's evolution.

22 07, 2023

Microsoft 365 Copilot will chargeable!

2023-07-23T08:10:16+02:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Shorts & Tutorials, Software|Tags: , , , |

Microsoft's AI module, 365 Copilot, is now being paid for. For $30 a month, Copilot offers a wide range of capabilities, including analyzing content from emails, Teams meetings, calendars, and documents to create useful summaries and to-do lists.

14 07, 2023

If ChatGPT writes the application – Revolution or NoGo?

2023-07-15T07:03:00+02:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, Career, ChatGPT|Tags: , , |

AI is invading the job market, with ChatGPT now writing resumes. While this could speed up the process, there are concerns about dehumanization and the possibility of applicants being overlooked.

11 07, 2023

Integrate and use ChatGPT in Excel – is that possible?

2023-07-12T14:27:34+02:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , , |

ChatGPT is more than just a simple chatbot. Learn how it can revolutionize how you work with Excel by translating formulas, creating VBA macros, and even promising future integration with Office.

7 07, 2023

AI-powered surfing and shopping with Bing and Edge

2023-07-08T06:07:15+02:00By |Categories: Shorts & Tutorials, Artificial intelligence, Internet, Finance & Shopping, Microsoft Office, Windows 10/11/12|Tags: , |

Microsoft's new Bing and Edge combine search, browsing and chat into one seamless experience by working with OpenAI and the latest model GPT 4. With improved search functions, interactive chat and AI functions, surfing the web will be revolutionized.

28 06, 2023

Nvidia sell-off – Chip restrictions against China

2023-06-28T18:01:23+02:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, Internet, Finance & Shopping, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , |

Nvidia stock suffered after-hours falls following reports of Chinese AI chip restrictions. These could have a significant impact on sales in the world's largest semiconductor market.



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