Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

1 02, 2024

Integrate and use ChatGPT in Excel – is that possible?

2024-02-02T06:08:09+01:00By |Categories: Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , , |

ChatGPT is more than just a simple chatbot. Learn how it can revolutionize how you work with Excel by translating formulas, creating VBA macros, and even promising future integration with Office.

23 10, 2023

QR code scams and how to protect yourself

2023-10-26T18:44:55+02:00By |Categories: Android / iOS, Data Protection, Shorts & Tutorials|Tags: , , |

Cybercriminals use fake QR codes to link to malicious websites or distribute malware. Protect yourself by checking the source, using previews and keeping your smartphone up to date. Be vigilant and enjoy digital conveniences safely.

30 06, 2023

How the E-Prescription works – Smartphone Requirements

2023-07-01T20:48:26+02:00By |Categories: Data Protection, Hardware, Shorts & Tutorials, Uncategorized|Tags: , , |

Digitization in the healthcare system is taking the next step with the e-prescription. In this article we would like to shed light on the most important information on how the e-prescription works and what patients have to consider.



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