21 10, 2021

Everything you need to know about Windows 11

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Windows 11 has been available since October 4, 2021. The US company Microsoft had actually planned that Windows 10 should be the last version. Everything you need to know about Windows 11 requirements and new features.

16 07, 2020

Connect the laptop to the desktop PC in the home network

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Working with different data on the desktop PC and notebook disrupts the workflow. Synchronize the data on both devices conveniently wirelessly under Windows 10.

6 03, 2020

What to do if the Windows license expires?

2022-08-06T07:06:51+02:00By |Categories: Guest Article, Homeoffice, Internet, Finance & Shopping, Microsoft Windows|Tags: , , , , |

What exactly happens when the Windows license expires soon? Do I have to buy a new license? And how can the message be switched off so that it never appears again?



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