Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

Der Blog für digitale Kompetenz

20 04, 2021

Edit Windows context menu – remove entries – add entries

2023-06-03T10:57:13+02:00By |Categories: Uncategorized, Homeoffice, Microsoft Office, Shorts & Tutorials, Software, Windows 10/11/12|Tags: , , |

The Windows context menu is extremely useful for quickly performing tasks related to the current selection. But on the other hand, it can quickly become confusing.

4 05, 2020

Who is responsible for data protection in the Homeoffice

2023-06-03T10:33:30+02:00By |Categories: Career, Data Protection, Hardware, Homeoffice, Software, Uncategorized, Windows 10/11/12|Tags: , , , |

The home office topic has become increasingly relevant in times of the corona pandemic. But who is actually responsible for data protection at home?

27 09, 2019

Alternative for Microsoft Office? – Use Google Docs on Desktop

2023-06-03T09:39:12+02:00By |Categories: Shorts & Tutorials, Google, Homeoffice, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

Microsoft still offers the most popular software package for the office. Competition has been around for some time. Now Google Docs is also available on the desktop.

1 08, 2019

No Internet access in Windows 10 – How you solve the problem

2023-06-02T19:18:46+02:00By |Categories: Guest Article, Hardware, Homeoffice, Shorts & Tutorials, Uncategorized, Windows 10/11/12|Tags: , , , |

If access to the Internet stops working in Microsoft Windows 10, there are many causes. We give tips on how to solve the problem.


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