28 01, 2020

Include RSS feeds in Microsoft Outlook and your browser

2022-08-08T14:47:50+02:00By |Categories: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Office 365|Tags: , , , |

The so-called RSS feeds, which seem almost as outdated as the teletext of the TV station, but the RSS feed is currently experiencing a renaissance among website operators and interested readers.

21 01, 2020

Create distribution lists in Microsoft Outlook

2022-08-06T08:29:08+02:00By |Categories: Microsoft Outlook, Homeoffice, Microsoft Office, Office 365|Tags: , , , , |

The longer you work with Outlook, the greater will be your contact list over time. Therefore, it can be quite useful to organize the contacts into groups so that you do not have to select them individually for emails with multiple recipients, but instead use a recipient group instead.



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