Premium Invoice template AUT/CHE 2,5% | 3,7% | 7,7% | 10% | 20%


Create offers & invoices, master data, and much more. | Tax rates: 2.5% | 3.7% | 7.7% | 10% and 20% included.

With our invoice template especially for Austria and Switzerland, you can show the sales tax on your invoice, and of course with mixed tax rates of 2.5% | 3.7% | Calculate 7.7% | 10% and 20%. The template can be freely adapted and contains additional worksheets for your customer and service master data, preparation of offers (optional), offer history (optional) and invoice history. So you always have an overview of all invoices and offers.

The template can be freely edited. Immediately available as a digital download.

  • Customer master data
  • Performance and product master data
  • Invoice history
  • Preparation of offers (optional)
  • Offer history (optional)

No subscription or running costs. Also works on Mac OS


Product images of the variant with offer preparation:
(Fig. Shows variant GER)

Promotion: Summer-Special 2021 instead of 29,90€ from: 15,90€

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You will receive your download in which a detailed PDF instruction as well as the
Excel invoice template for Austria / Switzerland incl. 2.5% | 3.7% | 7.7% | 10% and 20% VAT.
The invoice template can be easily integrated into your system after the first adjustment.
(Step by step instructions are included)

For full functionality you need an Office version from 2010 for Windows or Mac OS


  • Freely adaptable invoice template AUT / CHE incl. Optionally 2.5% | 3.7% | 7.7% | 10% and 20% VAT.
  • Automatic calculation of the individual and total amounts.
  • Automatic identification of sales tax.
  • Worksheet for preparing offers (optional)
  • Offer history sheet (optional)
  • Dynamic tables for easy expansion.
  • Automatic entry of customer addresses via the customer number via drop-down selection.
  • Automatic entry of unit codes and sums via drop-down selection.
  • including invoice history.
  • Optimized for envelopes with a viewing window.
  • including step by step instructions for customization and use.

Product images of the variant with offer preparation:
(pic: Variant GER)

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